96% of the value in your $297 1 Hour Consulting Event is you. By setting aside an hour of your time focused on and specifically to examine, explore and develop your plan is the essence of the genuine value. By submitting your Pre-Event Info – ( Click Here ) the stage is set to open the discussion. Questions will be asked, and Questions will be answered – the Consultant will be there primarily to help guide the discussion, and to offer practical experience to help the discussion if it stalls on a question. By the end of the Event there will be a new comfort level with the plan. After the event you will receive a secure recording that you alone can share with your team. As you watch the Recording you will be reminded, of the questions you had, and the decisions that you made, and why. The following day you will receive a written proposal to execute the decisions that were made. You will be in a position to execute your new plan, and the justification of your plan will be there in the Recording of the Event to help with buy-in. Start Here