Again dependent upon your marketplace you may have a genuine “Application” for a mobile phone app. Now that the panic has calmed down a bit – the logistics, costs and rewards are becoming clear. The first question is “Why do you want an App? If your answer is: Because everyone else has one. I just saved you $16,000 – NO! I If your answer is: “because I am afraid my competitors are attracting my clients away with their App” Maybe but we need to examine your evidence of this concern. Please add this fact to your pre-event Concerns and Comments – so that we can involve additional specialized Consultants with special Authority in these areas. Bottom line, is you need a clear value proposition that is so obvious, that large groups of phone owners are willing to risk space and permissions on their precious $700 mobile partner. They love their new iPhone. You are asking them to install, and risk various permissions on your new questionable App. Very tough row-to-hoe and many spend all the cash in their coffers and have 9 installs of their precious app to show for their blood sweat and a lot of tears. So, verify your evidence before you take this app. As an alternative, you can build a spectacular / disruptive Mini Mobile Website for $2500 and probably accomplish 96% of what you want. Lets Talk! Click Here