A: What do I get for my $297 investment?
Min 48 hours from the time you book the Consulting Appointment to the actual Consulting Event. Start Here is necessary to research your market place, your competitors and you existing tools and strategy. This is necessary to develop questions for the Event. The questions will draw out your ideas, fears and expectations.

One of the default / initial assumptions is that you plan to leverage the power of the Internet to grow your business, your sales and or your brand. This is based on 30+ years of working with a broad assortment of organizations. 97% seek to grow their business leveraging the power of the Internet within the confines of their budget / resources.

The minimum client Profile questionnaire includes enough detail – to allow preliminary research into the challenge you are facing Including identification of your Market Place – and one of your most obvious competitors. This helps to identify if the market place and to clarify the questions that we need to ask during our time.

Minimum results of your Reservation will include – 60 Minute live face to face Zoom.us meeting to explore your challenges ask and answer questions of one of our experts. A secure unlisted YouTube recording of the meeting that you can review, and or share with members of your team, and a written proposal to resolve the challenges as we understand them.

Your challenge is very different depending on your marketplace and available budget / resources

B: What is my guarantee?
In the event that you are unsatisfied with the Quality, Authority and or Professionalism a 100% refund will be issued to the Credit Card used to purchase the consulting reservation. Please email a request to Admin@InternetConsultants.us

C: The Value of a Consultant
A consultant has no agenda except your success. With 50+ years of experience, the best path is clear. If not clear, the correct questions to ask are obvious. The process of discussion – a clear understanding of your goals and requirements, unveils the plan. 90% of the value of this consulting event is the time and focus you bring to the task. By devoting your time and energy to this consulting event, with the skilled and experienced guidance of the consultant to insure that critical elements are not overlooked. By the end of the consulting event, the solutions will be clear, and the written proposal will define the process. Please provide a positive reference when you have arrived at the point of success, so that we can share our tools with others.

D: How Many Consultants work for Internet Consultants Group? What is their Experience?
None – a Group of Consultants representing more than 50 years of combined experience with Internet Development beginning with the DMOZ Project, the development of Wikipedia and similar transformative volunteer projects in the beginning of the ArpaNet / World Wide Web collaborate to help evolve solutions for organizations, both profit and non-profit. The Event will include one senior consultant, to guide your discussion and ask important questions. The recording that you receive will allow you to share the discussion with members of your team.

D: How Many Consultants will contribute to my Project review?
Minimum of 1 certified senior consultant and other specialists depending on you Market Place and any specific challenges described in the initial profile in order to provide appropriate authority. Start Here

E: What Organizations / Companies have worked with Internet Consultants?
Our confidentiality agreements prevent us from sharing this information. At the same time your information will never be shared with anyone

F: Are you an International Organization?
NO. We are 100% domestic United States – and 100% English. Hence the .us domain extension. In the event that your stated challenges include international marketing / branding and/or intellectual property – in your Pre-Event Information we will reach out to you and recommend

G: Do Provide Legal Advice?
NO. In the event that your stated challenges include a need for Legal Advice we will reach out to you and suggest a qualified legal professional.